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Organically cultivated starter plants grown from feminized seed are now available to reserve.  These are only available in limited quantities.  Seeds are sourced from Robert Bergman seed bank in the Netherlands.  Grown in living soil with Microbes and Mycorrihzae beneficial bacterias.

They are grown under top of the line lights with UV diodes for vigorous root development, which means higher yields.  Each plant is guaranteed 98% to be female,  if you receive the 2% plant that becomes a male we will replace it with what we have available.  Please text to reserve yours.  978-818-5439

 Strains change.

 Super Skunk


Sour DiesEl


Blue Haze


Available in limited quantities

Call/Text to reserve




These roots are from feminized seed

Donations for soil and pots

50 donation- 1-4

45 donation 5-9

40 donation 10 or more